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Do You Have a Previous Version of 3E Plus® on Your Computer?

If you are already a 3E Plus user, you may have an earlier version (4.0) installed. To check, simply open/launch the existing 3E Plus program on your computer. Click on "Help" and then "About" to display the version installed on your computer.

If you have a version earlier than 4.1, you will need to first uninstall all earlier versions of 3E Plus and then install the latest version. Detailed instructions for installing the latest version are available here.

You will also need to update your registration information and then download the latest program software.

IMPORTANT: Any "user added" information such as insulation or jacketing materials, fuel types or base metals, you have in your earlier version of 3E Plus will be deleted and must be re-entered when you install the version 4.1. If you are updating from an earlier version to 4.1, make sure you have your customized user added information printed out before uninstalling the earlier version of the program. (However starting with version 4.1 user added materials and data will be retained during future updates.)

Help is available with software installation and operation from:

National Insulation Association: Visit NIA at www.insulation.org/training/. 3E Plus is included in several of NIA's training programs and is the sole focus of a seminar offered as well.


The latest 3E Plus Program Software can be downloaded for free after a simple registration process!

3E Plus® is a registered trademark of the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA)